5.4.0 [2009-04-11]

The major release 5.4.0 features dramatically improved perceptual loading speed by using in-memory preemptive cache. This version improves scripts and introduces automation scripts. It also improves and speeds-up several interface modules as well as updated formats and skins.

Build 158 [2009-04-11]

NEW: In-memory and preemptive caching;
NEW: Filters to send keystrokes to any window, wait for windows to open and close (used in automation);
NEW: New automation scripts: Copy to Photoshop, Copy from Photoshop, Open in Photoshop;
NEW: Dragging current image file directly from the viewer window;
NEW: New skins - Aluminum and Black and white;
UPDATE: Updated translation to include all interface components and new languages: Chinese and Czech;
UPDATE: Improved script editor, script interface elements and available scripts;
UPDATE: improved resize selection with presets for sizes and aspect ratios;
UPDATE: Many interface improvements and fixes;
FIX: Fixed duplicated parameter values for filters in scripts;

Updated FFMPEG: more formats, meta-data
Updated DCRAW: more cameras, 4 quality settings, improved default brightess
Updated JPEG-2000: errors loading larger files
Updated ImageMagick: new version, embedded library

5.3.2 [2008-07-11]

The version 5.3.2 features fixes in tiff reader, batch conversion and improved canvas size.

Build 145 [2008-07-11]

UPDATE: Added image position for canvas size: center, bottom, etc;
FIX: Fixed TIFF writer behavior in Batch convert and multi-page TIFF;

5.3.1 [2008-05-04]

The version 5.3.1 features faster filters and improved image resize.

Build 145 [2008-05-04]

NEW: Added new resize filters: Lanczos3 and Bicubic Smooth and Bicubic Sharp;
UPDATE: All plug-ins recompiled providing improved speed;

5.3.0 [2008-04-19]

The version 5.3.0 features improved support for multi-page files and videos.

Build 144 [2008-04-19]

NEW: Multi-page mode in batch conversion;
NEW: FFMPEG plugin - this plug-in adds support for reading and writing video files in many formats AVI,MOV,WMV,FLV,etc...;
UPDATE: Faster reading from files with multiple pages: like TIFF or any video file;

5.2.6 [2008-01-20]

The version 5.2.6 features several speed, interface and plug-in updates.

Build 142 [2008-01-20]

NEW: "Crop to selection" filter;
NEW: Print button;
UPDATE: DCRAW plugin - updated DCRAW core to 8.8 and several plug-in improvements;
UPDATE: Extended Formats - updated TIFF;
FIX: Fixes in "Save palette" filter interface;
FIX: Problems loading some TIFF and Pentax JPEG images;

5.2.5 [2007-05-21]

The version 5.2.5 features several speed, interface and plug-in updates.

Build 133 [2007-05-21]

NEW: Windows Vista support;
NEW: Palette loading filter;
NEW: Selection loading/saving filters;
NEW: Draw text filter;
NEW: Loading ini file: if not found try loading from the viewer binary directory;
UPDATE: improve argument selection, color selection, font selection, file selection, visuals etc...;
UPDATE: Extended Formats - tiff image fix for reading 2 channel 16 bit images;
UPDATE: Extended Formats - Add format Carl Zeiss LSM 5;
UPDATE: Extended Formats - updated TIFF to 12 bit support;
UPDATE: Extended Formats - updated to GeoJasper 1.4.0, fixed 12 bit loading and missing magic number;
UPDATE: DCRAW plugin - updated DCRAW core to 8.72 and numerous plug-in improvements;
FIX: Exception if file specified by -ini does not exist;
FIX: Bug in loading files recursively on some systems;
FIX: Batch conversion - not changing images if same directory;
FIX: Batch conversion - Paged images saving in batch should perform write instead of file copy;

5.2.4 [2006-07-14]

The version 5.2.4 features updated DCRAW plug-in and improved filters.

Build 126 [2006-07-24]

NEW: Remove margins (Auto Crop) filter, auto or with tolerance;
NEW: DCRAW - extended meta-data loader;
UPDATE: DCRAW - updated DCRAW core to 8.25 and numerous plug-in improvements;
FIX: DCRAW - fixed bug loading Konica/Minolta thumbnails;

Build 124 [2006-07-14]

NEW: Load/Save configuration to/from INI file from command line;
NEW: Exchange channel in one image from other image for 24/32 bits;
NEW: Combine channels into 24/32 bit images;
NEW: Extract Alpha channel from 32 bit images;
UPDATE: Updated interface for convert color depth filters;
UPDATE: GUI updates;
FIX: TIFF - fixed bug saving/loading 32 bit tiff images;

5.2.3 [2006-05-21]

The 5.2.3 is a small updates release.

UPDATE: Palette - improved usability;
UPDATE: Draw Scale Bar - added configurable interface;
UPDATE: Other drawing filters improved;
UPDATE: Allow to set physical resolution for the image;

5.2.2 [2006-05-11]

The 5.2.2 is a fix and small updates release.

Build 122 [2006-05-11]

UPDATE: Main UI simplification;
UPDATE: Added UI view type selection: Minimalistic/Simple/Normal/Advanced/Maximalistic;
UPDATE: Changed start-up wizard with more views and set default view as Normal instead of Advanced;
FIX: fixed magic number for SGI image format;

Build 119 [2006-05-04]

UPDATE: Improved raw interface and added support for 1 and 4 bit RAW images;
UPDATE: Extensions added to RAW interface: Y, U, V;

Build 118 [2006-04-22]

UPDATE: Improved area information;
UPDATE: Small UI updates;
FIX: Error in adding network drive to the thumbnails;
FIX: Incorrect loading of the list with files on network drive;
FIX: Exceptions in filter browser;
UPDATE: JPEG2000 - correctly read 16 bit images;
UPDATE: JPEG2000 - correctly reading multi channel images including Adobe Photoshop CS2;
UPDATE: BIORAD PIC - show stats for pic files like for fluoview;

Build 116 [2006-02-13]

NEW: Addition for file name in batch convert;
NEW: Color selection for canvas size;
NEW: Size and color parameters for "drop shadow" filter;
NEW: Count area of thresholded image;
NEW: Median added to stats;
NEW: Auto convert RAW files with same sizes in Batch Convert;
NEW: BG Color definition for straighten;
UPDATE: Scrolling in thumbnails: page scroll with page-dn and lines with arrows;
UPDATE: Moved all alphanumeric menu shortcuts to Alt+Key;
UPDATE: Combine from RGB in now able to combine from only 2 channels;
FIX: Several fixes with paths in saving and loading DLS List files;
FIX: Impossible enter data in IPTC fields in attached info window;
FIX: Fixes in straighten;
FIX: Problem in capturing enter key from any dialog by an attached play list window resulting in loading image while one was being saved;
FIX: Minor problems in RAW import dialog;

5.2.1 [2005-10-22]

The 5.2.1 is an important fix release. Also skins are introduced.

NEW: Skins and all new buttons;
NEW: Auto preview in Filter Preview Dialog;
UPDATE: Different UI improvements;
FIX: Fixed bug loading scripts on systems with comma as a decimal separator;
FIX: Fixed access violation during error throwing while error loading script, Special thanks to Hannu Ahonen and Juris P. for helping me with this issue;
FIX: Not loading languages while in Start-up wizard;
FIX: Wrong full screen positioning on rotated monitors;

5.2 [10/07/2005]

The 5.2 is mostly a fix release. Many important issues were fixed and updated. It's highly recommended to update.

NEW: Viewer background is now selectable with default as application work area;
UPDATE: Dialog structure updated: BatchRename, ScriptEditor, FilterPreview, FilterBrowser...;
UPDATE: DIVAPI interface and plug-in parameters adding ENUM type;
UPDATE: Snap windows;
FIX: Fixed access violations in Thumbnails window;
FIX: Issues with sizes of windows under 120 dpi;
FIX: Fixed DDE interface calls;
FIX: Batch rename accepts empty spaces in search/replace;
FIX: Not saving spatial resolution of the image;
FIX: Shortcuts improved;
FIX: List out of bounds for .dat and .cpp;
FIX: Thumbnail resize problem under win98 for non 24 bit images.

Plug-in Extended Formats:

UPDATE: Much faster decoding JPEG-2000, libjasper update by Kaspar Daugaard and Greg Coats;
UPDATE: Metamorph STK added LZW compression support;
UPDATE: Compliance with Nanoscope-6 format in data and meta-data;
UPDATE: Rework meta-data saving for TIFF;
FIX: Not showing configuration for Jpeg2000 and PNG in Save As dialog.

5.1 [07/13/2005]

Major release 5.1 is a strongly recommended update! Scripts are introduced. Improved and added image formats, filters and GUI functions as well as fixed many bugs. The full list of changes include more than 100 items!

NEW: Histogram adjustment window;
NEW: Filter Browser;
NEW: Image arithmetic: max, min, difference, etc.;
NEW: Automatic saturation enhancement;
NEW: Automatic contrast enhancement;
NEW: straighten images;
NEW: Automatic rotation using EXIF;
NEW: Adjust RGB filter;
NEW: Scripts for filters allow save/load/configure filter sequences, are now used in Pre-Processing and Batch Conversion. Many scripts are created;
NEW: Notification bars - instead of using dialog box for warning messages special window appear without pausing operation;
NEW: Batch conversion: save frames, execute scripts, works with jpeg loss-less filters and combinations;
NEW: Selections Save/Load, Get from mask;
NEW: Meta-data operations: Load from other image, remove EXIF thumbnail, write EXIF/IPTC, clear meta-data;
NEW: On mutex run files are seamlessly added to current viewer if multiple instances are not allowed;
UPDATE: Many improvements and fixes in all GUI elements; Thumbnails, Image View, Image Info, etc.;
UPDATE: Contrast algorithm improved;
UPDATE: Filters using LUT are faster: negative, contrast, brightness, etc.;
FIX: Fixed different errors in printing.

Plug-in Extended Formats:

NEW Filter: JPEG automatic loss-less rotation using EXIF orientation;
UPDATE: JPEG loss-less operations now modify EXIF orientation tag according to transformation;
UPDATE: Biorad-PIC format now loads correct pixel scale;
UPDATE: Added better GeoTIFF listing;
UPDATE: Return original max/min as metadata for 16bit images;
FIX: Problem writing fluoview tiff meta-data.

Plug-in Extended Filters:

NEW Filters: Smooth, Gaussian Blur, Median Strong and color space conversions.

Plug-in DCRAW:

NEW: Support for Adobe Digital Negative (DNG);
NEW: Thumbnail support for CR2 file format;
NEW: Thumbnail support for ORF;
NEW: Thumbnail support for X3F;
NEW: metadata-text output for X3F;
UPDATE: update to new dcraw code v7.24 rev 1.262.

Plug-in Morphology (NEW):

NEW: Morphology filters: dilation, erosion, open and close for gray-scale or 24 bit images using Cross and Square kernels.

5.0.5 [04/02/2005]

Build 92
NEW: Finally released Viewer Documentation.
UPDATE: Minor interface improvements.
Build 91
UPDATE: Improved RAW guessing interface.
UPDATE: Fixed and improved image comparison.
Build 90
FIX: Fixed error in creating the thumbnail for the very big image - not enough memory.
Build 89
NEW: Remember last used format from Save As dialogs.
UPDATE: Cursor position precision improved and other small GUI updates.
FIX xtdFormats: Used latest libtiff 3.7.2 and fixed problem in reading LZW compressed RGB TIFF with predictor > 1.
Build 88
NEW: Effects: Drop Shadow
NEW: Added extension field for batch rename
NEW: Some improvements in GUI. Ex: Show file info in status bar and also in full screen view.
UPDATE: Many improvements and fixes in Thumbnail View increasing speed and functionality.
UPDATE: Updates in thumbnail cache.
UPDATE: Some improvements for Update manager.
FIX DCRAW: Canon CR2 are displayed correctly including metadata.
FIX xtdFormats: Fixed problems in saving certain meta-data fields in TIFF.

5.0.4 [02/12/2005]

NEW: Create multi-page images: GIF, TIFF.
NEW: New sort methods in Play List and Thumbnail View: a) By extracting numbers from file names, discarding all text b) By separating file name in blocks of text and numbers and standard others like Name, Size, Type, etc.
NEW: New convert color spaces: RGB<->HSL, RGB<->CMYK, RGB<->YUV(YCrCb)
NEW: Load/Save palette and many fixes in palette handling.
UPDATE: Many format manager, GUI and thumbnails improvements.
BUG: Fixed error in NEF (Nikon RAW) file reading preview instead of the actual image.

5.0.3 [01/22/2005]

NEW: eUpdate - Maintain viewer up-to-date using Internet.
NEW: Sort Play List by extracting numbers from file names, discarding all text.
NEW: New swap channels filters: RGB->RBG, RGB->BRG, RGB->GRB, RGB->GBR.
UPDATE: Improved open from URL.
UPDATE: Improved error messages.
BUG: Fixed error in RAW filter saving 8 bit images.

5.0.2 [01/19/2005]

Build 84
UPDATE: Improved EXIF support for Digital Cameras RAW files.
FIX: Small fixes in format manager.
NEW eXTnDed formats: Added support for NanoScope II/III images.
NEW DCRAW: Support for more Digital Camera's RAW files:

( Canon PowerShot G6, Canon PowerShot S60, Canon PowerShot S70 , Canon PowerShot Pro1 , Canon EOS 20D , Canon EOS-1DS , Canon EOS-1D Mark II , Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II , Casio Exlim Pro 600 , Epson R-D1 , Fuji FinePix E550 , Fuji FinePix F700 , Fuji FinePix F810 , Fuji FinePix S3Pro , Fuji FinePix S20Pro , Fuji FinePix S5100/S5500 , Kodak DCS Pro 14nx , Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c , Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n , Konica KD-400Z , Konica KD-510Z , Leaf Valeo 11 , Leaf Valeo 22 , Leaf Volare , Leica Digilux 2 , Minolta DiMAGE 5 , Minolta DiMAGE 7 , Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi , Minolta DiMAGE A2 , Minolta DiMAGE A200 , Minolta DiMAGE G400 , Minolta DiMAGE G500 , Minolta DiMAGE G600 , Minolta DiMAGE Z2 , Minolta DYNAX/MAXXUM 7D , Nikon D70 , Nikon E3700 ("DIAG RAW" hack) , Nikon E5400 , Nikon E8700 , Nikon E8800 , Olympus C70Z,C7000Z , Olympus C8080WZ , Olympus E-300 , Panasonic DMC-LC1 , Pentax *ist DS , Pentax Optio S , Sony DSC-V3 )

Build 82 - 01/16/2005
NEW: Improved rectangle selection, with shift freezes aspect ratio and with ctrl moves the rectangle.
NEW: Added selection area calculation in pixels and physical units.
UPDATE: Improved thumbnails UI.
FIX: Small embedded filter fixes.
FIX: Small fixes in RAW parameters guessing.

5.0.1 [01/10/2005]

NEW: Small thumbnail added to Tabs window, enabling fast scrolling and zoom change.
NEW: Fast tool selection added to Tabs window.
NEW: Selection of icon to show for image files.
NEW: Full Screen Navigate updated, image can be scrolled from thumbnail view. If image is geo-referenced then the physical location is displayed.
NEW: Line selection tool shows physical distance if image contains valid meta-data. For GeoTIFF and GeoJPEG2000 distance in meters is displayed, for medical images in microns.
NEW filters: Lossless JPEG operations.
NEW formats: GeoTIFF and GeoJpeg2000 correctly read and save meta-data.
UPDATE formats: Fluoview TIFF - updated channel interpretation and metadata retrieval.
UPDATE: Default Play List and Thumbnail cache are saved in user dependent folder.
FIX: Many UI and functionality fixes and updates.

5.0.0 [11/20/2004]

New release 5.0.0 Build 77 consists of approximately 200 items improved and added in relation to Image Viewer 2.