Formats with no plug-in name specified are embedded. R-Read, W-Write and M-MetaData support. Some formats use librtaries developed by other people and their complete credentials are given in CREDITS.txt distributed along with Viewer n5.

Notes of video formats: Viewer n5 is not a video editor, so it will have a really hard time dealing with large video files. On the other hand, it's trivial to edit a small clip from your photo camera and save it as a Flash video for a web page. Ever tryed to rotate that small clip in a video editor? Reiterating: video support is intended for SMALL files only and will probably hang the viewer on full sized movies attempting include all frames into the play list. Sound support is also disabled! Your output videos will not have sound!

NameSupport Extension Codec
16bit/pixel interleaved YUVRWpal, uyvyImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Adobe Digital NegativeRdngDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
Adobe FlashWswfFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
Adobe Flash VideoWflvFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
Adobe Photoshop bitmapRWpsdImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
AFM PSIA TIFF File FormatRMtif, tiffDIMIN eXTenDed Codec (div5_xtd_formats.dll)
Alias/Wavefront imageRrlaImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Alias/Wavefront ImagesRrla, rpf
Alias/Wavefront RLE image formatRpixImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Apple QuickTimeRWmovFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICTRWpct, pictImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Autodesk ImagesRcel, pic
AVS X imageRWavsImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
BioRad PIC fileRMpicDIMIN eXTenDed Codec (div5_xtd_formats.dll)
Bitmap ImageRWbmp, dib, rle
C++ Const Array ImageWcpp
Canon Digital Camera RAWRcr2, crwDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
Carl Zeiss LSM5 File FormatRMlsmDIMIN eXTenDed Codec (div5_xtd_formats.dll)
CCIR 601 4:1:1 or 4:2:2RWyuvImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Cineon Image FileRWcinImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Cisco IP phone image formatWcipImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Colormap intensities and indicesRWmapImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Compressed Scalable Vector GraphicsRWsvgzImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
CompuServe ImagesRWgif
Constant image uniform colorRxcImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
DAT ASCII (X,Y,C) ImageWdat
Digital Cameras RAWRbmq, cs1, fff, mosDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
Digital VideoRWdvFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine imageRdcmImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Digital Moving Picture ExchangeRWdpxImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Display Postscript InterpreterdpsImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
DR HaloRcutImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Dr. Halo ImagesRcut
Encapsulated PostScript Interchange formatRWepi, epsiImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Encapsulated PostScript Level II with TIFF previewRWept2ImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Encapsulated PostScript Level III with TIFF previewRWept3ImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Encapsulated PostScript with TIFF previewRWeptImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Encapsulated PostscriptReps, ps
Encapsulated PostScriptRWeps, epsfImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
FlashPix FormatRWfpxImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Flexible Image Transport SystemRWfitsImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Fluoview TIFF File FormatRMtif, tiffDIMIN eXTenDed Codec (div5_xtd_formats.dll)
Fuji Digital Camera RAWRrafDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
GIMP imageRxcfImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
GraphvizdotImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Hierarchical Data FormathdfImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Igor binary file format v5RMibwIBW CODEC (div5_ibw.dll)
Irix RGB imageRWsgiImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Joint Bi-level Image experts Group interchange formatRWjbg, jbig, bieImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
JPEG 2000 Format (GeoJPEG-2000)RWMjp2, j2c, j2k, jpc, jpx, geojp2DIMIN eXTenDed Codec (div5_xtd_formats.dll)
JPEG File Interchange FormatRWMjpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfifDIMIN eXTenDed Codec (div5_xtd_formats.dll)
JPEG ImagesRWMjpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif, jif
Khoros Visualization imageRWviff, xvImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Kodak Digital Camera RAWRbay, dc2, dcr, k25, kdcDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
Kodak Photo-CD ImagesRpcd
Konica/Minolta Digital Camera RAWRmrwDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
Matroska Multimedia ContainerRWmkvFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
Level II Encapsulated PostScriptWeps2ImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Level II PostScriptWps2ImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Level III Encapsulated PostScriptWeps3ImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Level III PostScriptWps3ImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Magick Image File FormatRWmiffImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Magick Persistent Cache image formatRWmpcImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Magick Scripting LanguageRWmslImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Magick Vector GraphicsRWmvgImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
MATLAB image formatRmatImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Metamorph Stack File FormatRMstkDIMIN eXTenDed Codec (div5_xtd_formats.dll)
Microsoft Windows AVIRWaviFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
Microsoft Windows Media VideoRWwmv,asfFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
Motion JPEGRWmjpeg,mjp,mjpgFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
Motion JPEG-2000Rmj2,mjp2FFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
MPEG 2RWm2vFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
MPEG 4RWm4vFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
MPEG 1RWmpg,mpeg,m1vFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
MTV Raytracing image formatRWmtvImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Multiple-image Network GraphicsRWmngImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
NanoScope II/III fileRMnanDIMIN eXTenDed Codec (div5_xtd_formats.dll)
Nikon Digital Camera RAWRnefDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
OGG Theora Video FormatRogg,ogvFFMPEG Codec (div5_ffmpeg.dll)
Olympus Digital Camera RAWRorfDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
On-the-air bitmapRWotbImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Page Control LanguageWpclImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Paintshop Pro ImagesRpsp
Palm Database ImageViewer FormatRWpdbImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Palm pixmapRWpalmImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Pentax Digital Camera RAWRpefDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
PFS: 1st PublisherRartImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Photo CDRWpcd, pcdsImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Photoshop ImagesRpsd, pdd
Portable anymapRWpnmImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Portable bitmap format (black and white)RWpbmImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Portable graymap format (gray scale)RWpgmImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Portable MapRppm, pgm, pbm
Portable Network GraphicRpng
Portable Network GraphicsRWMpngDIMIN eXTenDed Codec (div5_xtd_formats.dll)
Portable pixmap format (color)RWppmImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Postscript Type 1 font (ASCII)RpfaImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Postscript Type 1 font (binary)RpfbImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
PostScriptRWpsImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
PSX TIMRtimImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Raw cyan, magenta, yellow, and black samplesRWcmykImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Raw cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and opacity samplesRWcmykaImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
RAW ImageRWraw
Raw Y, Cb, and Cr samplesRWycbcrImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Raw Y, Cb, Cr, and opacity samplesRWycbcraImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Rollei Digital Camera RAWRrdcDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
Scalable Vector GraphicsRWsvgImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Scitex HandShakeRsctImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Seattle Film WorksRpwp, sfwImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
SGI ImagesRsgi, rgba, rgb, bw
Sigma Digital Camera RAWRx3fDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
Sony Digital Camera RAWRsrfDCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll)
Steganographic imageRsteganoImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
SUN RasterfileRWras, sunImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Tagged Image File Format (GeoTIFF)RWMtif, tiff, fax, geotiffDIMIN eXTenDed Codec (div5_xtd_formats.dll)
Tagged Image File FormatRWMtif, tiff, fax
Targa TruevisionRtga, win, vst, vda, icb
TrueType font collectionRttcImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
TrueType fontRttfImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Truevision Targa imageRWtga, icb, vda, vstImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Utah Run length encoded imageRrleImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
VICAR rasterfile formatRWvicarImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Visual Image DirectoryRWvidImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Windows CursorRcur
Windows IconRico
Windows MetafileRMwmf, emf
Wireless Bitmap (level 0) imageRWwbmpImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Word Perfect GraphicsRwpgImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
X Windows system bitmap (black and white)RWxbmImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
X Windows system pixmap (color)RWxpmImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
X Windows system window dump (color)RWxwdImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
X-Motif UIL tableWuilImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
Xv thumbnail formatRWp7ImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
ZSoft IBM PC multi-page PaintbrushRWdcxImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
ZSoft IBM PC PaintbrushRWpcxImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)
ZSoft Paintbrush ImagesRpcx, pcc, scr
ZX-Spectrum SCREENRscrImageMagick Codec (div5_magick.dll)