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Running in Ubuntu via Wine


View images in countless formats, and apply a variety of effects with this small, fast, and powerful application.

Dimin Viewer incorporates unique visualization ideas, like Panoramic Photographs Tool and Big Image Navigator. It also features multi language interface to feel yourself at home!



Windows: The viewer is natively compiled for windows 32bits with NT APIs. It runs best under Windows XP/Vista/7 with 32 and 64 bits. Support for 95/98 was dropped since version 5.2, though it will most probably run fine under these systems.

Linux: The viewer was tested under Ubuntu via WineHQ and though had minor UI twitches was in a working condition.

Mac: Works flawlessly in VMWare Fusion or Parallels but does not work in CrossOver, even though works fine under Linux WineHQ.

Interface languages

Czech (by Martin Kulle), French (by Reynold Schwenter), German (by Sebastian Fischer), Italian (by Marco and Francesco Zuliani), Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (Castellano by Mario de la Fuente), Traditional Chinese (by Jones Lee).

Special thanks to all translators! Note: Most translations are currently incomplete, so help with translations is very welcome! These files are included into the viewer distribution. If anyone wants to help me translate this software, simply get the English language file, translate it and send to me.


After download check out plug-ins page, it might be interesting to extend the embedded functionality.

Features Full Normal Light
Viewer n5 installer: Yes Yes Yes
Extended Formats: Yes Yes  
Digital Cameras RAW: Yes Yes  
Extended Filters: Yes Yes  
Morphological Filters: Yes Yes  
Documentation: Yes On-Line On-Line
Video formats: Yes    
Additional Skins: Yes
Size: [4.2 MB] [1.6 MB] [962 KB]
Download Now: USA USA USA

Suggested downloads

Get more Format and Filter Plug-Ins!

File Size Description
» imgview5_magick.exe 1.3 MB Many more additional formats provided by ImageMagick library. Note: for PostScript read/write support you'll need GhostScript library installed!
» imgview5_doc.exe 704 KB Documentation (included in full version)
» imgview5_skins.exe 74 KB Skins (included in full version)

Support downloads

File Size Description
» 4 MB Full distribution without installer
» 1 KB An example to run multiple instances of the viewer with different configurations.

(This example starts two instances with different full screen monitors such that you can use multiple monitor set-up to run two independent slideshows at the same time.)
» imgview5_default_lang.reg 1 KB Force viewer to use original language



In case you found a bug and would like to help me fix it I would appreciate immensely if you could fill the Bug Report Form and send it back to me by e-mail!

Contact Information

To get support on my software feel free to contact me by e-mail! If anyone wants to help me to develop this software, filters, formats or everything else please contact me! Any translations of language files are welcomed!!!