bioView3D volume renderer is an open source and cross-platform application intended for biologists to visualize EM, Confocal, etc. 3D imagery. It runs on Windows, MacOS X and Linux. It's based on OpenGL and will run smooth on modern-fast hardware. bioView3D supports popular 3D stack formats like Fluoview, Zeiss LSM, TIFF, BioRad PIC, etc.

bioView3D has all the necessary tools embedded - image interpolation and channel remapping. The model is contructed using meta-data so it's physically accurate. It's also possible to export screen into an image file.

Requirements: Video card supporting OpenGL 1.2 and lots of memory

Recommended platform: Intel Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, nVidia 7x series

Latest version: 0.1.17

bioView3D was developed at the Center for Bio-Image Informatics, UCSB, it's cross-platform GUI is based on Trolltech Qt 4.8 library and follows it's respective licence. It also uses other free libraries like DSingleApplication, libtiff, libjpeg, libpng and zlib.


OS File Size Description
» bioview3d_win64_0-1-17.exe 16MB Windows 64 bits
» bioview3d_win32_0-1-17.exe 13MB Windows 32 bits
» 20MB MacOS X (Intel)
» 10MB Linux x86 (Debian Lenny)
» 30MB source code


What's new

== 0.1.17 ==
 * NEW: time projections for gobjects
 * IMPROVED: much improved support for 4D images: rendering speed, caching
 * IMPROVED: improved gobjects rendering
 * IMPROVED: several small UI changes
 * FIXED: OIB reader fixed for large files
 * FIXED: Bisque access fixed for the new database

== 0.1.15 ==
 * NEW: support for 4D images with caching of time points
 * NEW: touch gestures for zoom, panning and time navigation
 * NEW: save/load for movie points
 * NEW: scale bar with movement and customization
 * NEW: auto rotation and friction
 * NEW: tree structure with hide/show checkboxes for gobjects
 * NEW: gobject filtering by type using "Include only/exclude all"
 * NEW: yellow, magenta, cyan and gray color channels in rendering
 * NEW: support for macosx dock file dropping and execution
 * IMPROVED: simplified UI
 * IMPROVED: predefined rotations in the movie mode
 * IMPROVED: camera transformation tools
 * IMPROVED: new libbioimage with support for Zeiss ZVI, improved OIB, etc...
 * FIXED:	all known bugs in rendering, movie and snapshot export, gobjects and scaling

[0.0.14] by Dmitry

Gobject rendering options
UI improvements: rendering, canceling long operations, two clipping planes, separate channel enhancement
Full support for Windows 64bit
Full support for intel MacOSX
Updated Bisque connection module with suport for HTTPS
Update libbioimage with all formats to the latest 1.44, OIB 2.0, BigTIFF, OME-TIFF, float point images, 8-64 bit images

[0.0.12] by Dmitry

Improved loading of files: progress, speed
The voxel resolution is now in original image space instead of how it is currently interpolated
Channel names are shown
improved rendering of metadata
improved bisque interaction
Video generation is fixed for intel Macs
Updated libbioimage with following improvements:

Heavily improved metadata system: extraction of many more tags for all formats, code clean-up, new command line options
Added full support for OME-TIFF file format
Heavily improved parsing for STK, LSM, Fluoview
Several improvements and fixes for OIB format, mostly fixed loading of mosaics, greatly improved speed for large files
Support for 1 and 4 bit images, they will be converted to 8 bit images

[0.0.5] by Dmitry
NEW: Improved fly path;
NEW: Improved navigation;
NEW: Improved rendering;

[0.0.3] by Dmitry
NEW: 3D texture rendering;
NEW: movie export fly path or live;