DIMIN HTML Directory Structure Creator

A very powerful solution for HTML creation but yet very easy to use. It may be used to create Directory Trees, File Lists, Image Galleries, Thumbnail Galleries... This is an extremely helpful HTML generator for sites hosted in low cost web hosting providers with limited features and add-ons.

What you basically need is to define input directory, output directory and the scheme to use. Some of the accepted image formats for thumbnails creation are: BMP, JPEG, JPEG-2000, GIF, TIFF.

HTMLDirCreate is very powerful and customizable and to unleash it's power you'll need customization directions form Scheme SDK.

Version: 2.4.4, Windows 32 bit

» HTMLDirCreate.exe  [738.0 KB]
» ShemesPlus4DirCreate.exe  [97.3 KB] - More schemes pack
» HTMLDirCreateSDK.zip  [117.3 KB] - Scheme SDK for scheme development and distribution


Here you can see what is it possible to do with HTMLDirCreate.
  1. Icon Tree [sreenshot]
  2. Table [sreenshot]
  3. Thumbnails Image Gallery with per Image HTML file [sreenshot]
    You may see the use of this scheme in my photo gallery.
  4. new: Shadow Image Gallery with per Image HTML file [sreenshot]

Browse schemes using scheme browser at [Configuration -> Scheme Browser] or directly select scheme directory by [Configuration->Scheme Directory]. You may modify and create you're own schemes modifying HTML files in scheme directory.

Ready schemes:
  • ShadowGallery: New scheme, it serves to create photo galleries with beautiful shadows;
  • ThumbGallery: Most popular one, it serves to create photo galleries;
  • ThumbGallery-FullPath: Same as previous one, except it uses full path to image files, it can be used for local html files;
  • common-fileInfo: This is an example of creating a scheme with use of info files.
  • common-table: A simple table of files.
  • FileTree-Table-BigIcons: Generates tree structure using big icons.
  • FileTree-Table-SmallIcons: Generates tree structure using small icons.
  • More schemes are available in SchemePlus package

Screen shots:

  1. Main Program view with two generated pages using ThumbGallery.
  2. Main Program view with File List window
  3. Info File creation window


[2.4.4 02/19/2004]
NEW: Scheme Browser
NEW: New galleries, SchemePlus package, etc.
IMPROVED: New variables and other scheme modifications
IMPROVED: Several UI improvements
FIX: Fixed bugs in HTML creation using file list

[2.4.2 02/19/2004]
NEW: Added on screen wizard.
IMPROVED: Several UI improvements.
NEW: New gallery: ShadowGallery
FIX: Fixed bug of annoying file copy error dialog box.

[2.4.0 09/15/2003]
NEW: Added file list processing mode, now you can create file list and use it to generate HTML file.
IMPROVED: ThumbGallery improved, now resize and zoom image correctly.
NEW: New resize methods BiCubic/Smart instead of old ones
NEW: New window dedicated for Info file creation
NEW: New icons, enable/disable buttons
NEW: JPEG 2000 support
NEW: Win XP themes support
FIX: Thumbnail creation, instead of using file original type, create thumbs using JPEG only.

[2.3.0 01/06/2003]
NEW: Each theme gained configuration file, which configures program correctly for each theme.
NEW: Copy source files into target directory. Also special files defined in theme configuration file are copied too.

[2.2.2 11/03/2002]
NEW: Added creation of per file HTML, this can help for Image Gallery, there's ready scheme.

[2.2.1 09/03/2002]
Improved: Image resize is faster now!

[2.2.0 06/21/2002]
NEW: Sort files
NEW: Added %l variable and some improvements and bug corrections

Execution Parameters:

"-d" - follows with directory path to be created as HTML

"-f" - follows with file name and path of HTML's going to be created

"-s" - follows with complete path for Scheme, uses Table if not set

"-h" - follows with relative to HTMLDirCreate.exe path for Scheme, uses Table if not set

"-p" - opens in Browser generated HTML

"-c" - closes HTMLDirCreate after generating

"-j" - just process image files

"-o" - open Save dialog

"-nr" - Non recursive, just process given directory

"-l" - Followed by .dls file will load file list

Ex: "HTMLDirCreate.exe -d c:\ -f c:\temp\temp.html -h schemes\ThumbGallery -p -c"


If you have any questions, suggestions and bug reports, please feel free to contact me by e-mail.

Used sources:

* JPEG-2000 Encoder/Decoder by JasPer lib <http://www.ece.uvic.ca/~mdadams/jasper/>

* JPEG Encoder/Decoder by Independent JPEG Group <ftp.uu.net>

* GIF Encoder/Decoder by Anders Melander <anders@melander.dk>

* Encoders for (bw, cel, cut, dib, eps, fax, icb, pbm, pcd, pdd, pgm pic, png, ppm, psd, psp, rgb, rgba, rla, rle, rpf, sgi, tga, tif, tiff, vda, vst, win) by Mike Lischke <public@lischke-online.de> <www.lischke-online.de/Graphics.html>

* TIFF decoder <http://www.libtiff.org/>

* ZLIB library by: Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adler.

If you want to use LZW decoding (GIF, some TIFF) for which Unisys owns a patent then you have to deal with Unisys !

Used programs in distribution:

* Installer: Special thanks for the guys from Nullsoft, great free installer!!! <http://www.nullsoft.com/>.

* The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables (UPX) <http://upx.tsx.org/>.

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