DIMIN HOTKEYS plugin for winamp

DIMIN HOTKEYS is a definitive solution for hotkeys with Winamp 2.x and 5.

Latest version considerations: Why to develop this plug-in if Winamp 5 contains embedded Global Hotkeys? Well, first of all, some people still use and prefer Winamp 2.x. Second, there are some flows in embedded Global Hotkeys plug-in Like volume control is not changing on the interface while volume actually changes. Third, some why guys form NullSoft didn't add WM_APPCOMMAND treatment, which is nice to have... Also the possibility to choose ready config for your keyboard. So here we are, version 0.6:-)

  • Completely configurable system wide hotkeys and comes pre-configured for several Keyboards including Logitech.
  • Accept WM_APPCOMMAND so winamp my use common drivers for special (multimedia) keyboards as some software: Windows Media player, Windows CD player, etc...
  • Configuration utility
  • New functions like: Lower/Rise volume by 5 and 10%...

Tested on:
Logitech keyboards, Microsoft Keyboards, Sony Wireless Multimedia Keyboard, HP One-Touch driver on a HP pavilion notebook, Acer Travelmate 430 Series, Dell Inspiron 8600 Notebook, Targa Visionary XP-210 Notebook, ATI Remote Wonder, bRemote, etc.

Users, please, if you create a configuration file for some new hardware, send it to me, so I could include all them to the future releases, it could tremendously facilitate the use of this plug-in!!!

Special thanks to: Stanislav Novoseletskiy, Matt Cowger, Robert J Meerman, Mikael Berglund, Simen Brekken, Andres Spiaggi, Shantur Rathore, David Osivnik, Charles Pillar, Mike :-) and to all helping me make this plugin easier!!!

Version: 0.6, Windows 32 bit
»  dimin_hotkeys.exe  [286.00 KB]
»  dimin_hotkeys_src.zip  [9.37 KB]


[v0.6 03/25/2004]
- New functions: Lower/Rise volume by 5 and 10%;
- Updated list of supported keyboards.

[v0.5 03/21/2004]
- Slightly updated Configuration Utility;
- Updated list of supported keyboards.

[v0.4 02/21/2004]
- Tested on Winamp 5;
- Totally rewriten Configuration Utility;
- Name changes to suit Winamp 5.

[v0.3 06/21/2002]
- Configuration is reloaded after using the config utility.
- Configuration utility improved.

[v0.2 09/30/2001]
- Added support for WM_APPCOMMAND, this enables plugin accept
commands when some special key drivers are running.
- Configure button opens configuration utility
- Configuration utility improved


If you have any questions, suggestions and bug reports, please feel free to contact me by e-mail.

Used programs in distribution:

* Installer: Special thanks for the guys from Nullsoft, great free installer!!! <http://www.nullsoft.com/>

* The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables (UPX) <http://upx.tsx.org/>

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