All software in this section contain source code and distributed over GNU GPL terms. So send me your modifications if any, please!
Main titles of free software for all.
Personal software that might be of interest.
Stuff I've done at the university for research.
Some small and fun applications.

Generic libraries

Threaded and Templated C++ K-Means Clustering Library

Features: a) easy to use C++ Templated code, b) cross-platform, c) threaded execution, performs faster on multi-core systems d) Several distance functions implemented: euclidean, squared euclidean, manhattan, chebychev, EMD, e) Easy extension for different initialization functions, with implemented Even and random with minimum distance between centroids
© 2006 Vision Research Lab

»  clusterTextures.zip  [86.4 KB]

DSingleApplication - Open source rewrite of commercial Trolltech QtSingleApplication class

The implementation is quite different from what is described in trolltech documetation for QtSingleApplication. DSingleApplication uses tcp sockets to test/open a port in a range and then sed a message to that port and expects a correct answer, if it's correct then the app is running and we can talk to it.
This class is designed for Qt 4.
© 2006 Vision Research Lab

»  dsingleapplication.zip  [5.6 KB]

Resize - Interpolation routines for vectors and matrices

C++ Template based interpolation for vectors and matrices (images). Template types define data and computation precision. The library provides several interpolation filters and allows simple increments. Embedded filters are: Point, Box, Triangle, Hermite, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Gaussian, Cubic, Quadratic, Catrom, Mitchell, Lanczos, Bessel, Sinc, Blackman-Bessel, Blackman-Sinc.
© 2007 Vision Research Lab

»  resize.zip  [7.5 KB]

DRegExp - extension of QRegExp providing group syntax (from Python)

DRegExp extends QRegExp with python's group syntax (?P<name>...) and accessible via QHash: (?P<name>...) Similar to regular parentheses, but the substring matched by the group is accessible via the symbolic group name name. Group names must be valid Python identifiers, and each group name must be defined only once within a regular expression. A symbolic group is also a numbered group, just as if the group were not named. So the group named 'id' in the example above can also be referenced as the numbered group 1.

For example, if the pattern is (?P<id>[a-zA-Z_]\w*), the group can be referenced by its name in arguments to methods of match objects, such as group('id').

Ex: Say you want to parse file name and get particular values with names:
fileName: "2007-2-5.tif"
pattern: "(?P<year>[0-9]*)-(?P<month>[0-9]*)-(?P<day>[0-9]*)"
this generates output hash: { year: 2007, month: 2, day: 5 }
This class is designed for Qt 4. © 2007 Vision Research Lab

»  dregexp.zip  [3 KB]

Pole - portable library for structured storage

POLE is a portable C++ library to access structured storage. It is designed to be compatible with Microsoft structured storage, also sometimes known as OLE Compound Document.
© 2009 Vision Research Lab

Image format drivers

QJp2IO - JPEG2000 encoder/decoder for Trolltech Qt library

JasPer JPEG2000 read/write wrapper for QT for windows and unix.

»  qjp2io.zip  [435.5 KB]

QTiffIO - TIFF encoder/decoder for Trolltech Qt library v2

libtiff read/write wrapper for Trolltech Qt, ready for windows and unix. Supports striped as well as tiled TIFF images.

»  qtiffio.zip  [4.07 KB]

BorJas - JasPer wrapper for Boralnd C++Builder

JPEG2000 image file format wrapper for Boralnd C++Builder based on JasPer library. It provides CBuilder project to build the library and the wrapper itself + easy example.

»  borjas.zip  [506.7 KB]

TIFF Driver for JasPer library v1.1

At this moment the driver is outdated and was replaced by new code I wrote, which adds TIFF/GeoTIFF support for jasper. Strongly recomend download geojasper source and use it! Tiff image file format driver for JasPer library based on libtiff and libjpeg. Supports striped as well as tiled TIFF images.

old»  jasper_tiff.zip  [105.4 KB]
new»  geojasper_src.zip  [2.1 MB]

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