DIMIN Slideshow plug-in for Adobe Lightroom 2

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This free plug-in gives Adobe Lightroom 2 the ability to generate flash slideshows that can include sound. With this plug-in it's easy to set all different options of image rotator using live preview and later export images you want along with their annotations directly from Adobe Lightroom 2.

Slideshow plug-in is also supported by Matthew Campagna's The Turning Gate Stage plug-in which gives it a nice wrap-around with menus and indexing.

Latest version: 1.0.2

Check out the demo slideshow.

This plug-in is based on a modified version of JW Image Rotator by Longtailvideo, thanks for a great component! The source code distribution includes modified image rotator as well install scripts. Commercial use of the pages produced by this plug-in depends on the JW image rotator licence, make sure to own one!


OS File Size Description
» LR_dimin_slideshow.exe 259 KB Windows installer
» LR_dimin_slideshow.zip 190 KB MacOSX / Windows (manual install)
» LR_dimin_slideshow_source.zip 781 KB source code

What's new

[1.0.2] by Dmitry
FIX: New: Autostart variable;
     Improved: Sound play directly from playlist.
     Improved: Support for Turninggate Stage.
     Improved: Some documentation on how to use the plug-in.
[1.0.1] by Dmitry
FIX: Small hack to show text to pause the preview flash movie.
     It turns out that Lightroom does not export until the flash is paused...
     The real fix will come in the next version.

[1.0.0] by Dmitry
NEW: First release

How to use

Most of the controls are the same as in any other web gallery in Adobe Lightroom, other are worth mentioning here. Click on the screenshot to see the full-size image.

1) The play/pause button as shown on the screenshot is important since the Lightroom will not export the gallery until the gallery is in the paused state. You'll have to pause the preview before the export. This functionality might get fixed in the following versions.

2) The sound text edit box is used to specify the URL (full or relative) to the mp3 file you want to be played while the slideshow. You will have to copy the mp3 file manually to the website along with the slideshow. The file copy might get automated in the following versions. Although the URL gives you the freedom of keeping sound files elsewhere.

LR screenshot