DIMIN GalleryJS plug-in for Adobe Lightroom 2

This free plug-in gives Adobe Lightroom 2 the ability to generate pure JavaScript gallery. With this plug-in it's easy to set different options of the gallery using the live preview and later export images you want along with their annotations directly from Adobe Lightroom 2.

Latest version: 1.1

Check out the demo slideshow.

This plug-in is based on an open source library ExtCore, thanks for its developers! The source code distribution includes install scripts.


OS File Size Description
» LR_dimin_galleryjs.exe 158 KB Windows installer
» LR_dimin_galleryjs.dmg.zip 679 KB MacOSX installer
» LR_dimin_galleryjs_source.zip 787 KB Source code

What's new

[1.1] by Dmitry
FIX: Fixed image size preview update issue on a Mac

[1.0] by Dmitry
NEW: First release

How to use

Most of the controls are the same as in any other web gallery in Adobe Lightroom. Click on the screenshot to see the full-size image.

LR screenshot