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(aka WallView) Large image viewer for very Large screens

bioView is an open source and cross-platform application intended for biologists to visualize mosaicked EM, Confocal, etc. imagery. It runs on Windows, MacOS X and Linux. It also provides access from the remote controller that simplifies usage of the very large screens e.g. 8000x4800 pixels composed by many monitors. Allows on-the-fly automatic and manual enhancements (levels, brightness, equalization) for large images, dynamic enhancement of visible areas, smooth zoom. All the enhancements are performed with original image data which is converted to display dynamic range on the fly.

Latest version: 1.1.18

bioView was developed at the Center for Bio-Image Informatics, UCSB, it's cross-platform GUI is based on Trolltech Qt 4.6 library and follows it's respective licence. It also uses other free libraries like DSingleApplication, libtiff, libjpeg, libpng and zlib.

Softpedia 100% Clean Award
Softpedia 100% Clean Award


OS File Size Description
» bioview_win64_1-1-18.exe 16MB Windows 64 bits
» bioview_win32_1-1-18.exe 13MB Windows 32 bits
» 27MB MacOS X (Intel)
» 11MB Linux x86 (Debian Lenny)
» 29MB source code


What's new

[1.1.18] by Dmitry

UI improvements: sliders for 5D images
Rendering improvements: support for displaying up to 6 channels simultaneously (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan)
Rendering improvements: full support for float and signed images
Rendering improvements: rendering is now threaded by the number of available CPU cores
Secure connection support for uploads (HTTPS)
Full support for Windows 64bit
Full support for intel MacOSX
Update libbioimage with all formats to the latest 1.44, OIB 2.0, BigTIFF, OME-TIFF, float point images, 8-64 bit images

[1.1.16] by Dmitry

improved rendering of metadata
improved bisque interaction
Updated libbioimage with following improvements:

Heavily improved metadata system: extraction of many more tags for all formats, code clean-up, new command line options
Added full support for OME-TIFF file format
Heavily improved parsing for STK, LSM, Fluoview
Several improvements and fixes for OIB format, mostly fixed loading of mosaics, greatly improved speed for large files
Support for 1 and 4 bit images, they will be converted to 8 bit images

[1.1.1] by Dmitry
NEW: Simple image rotation: 90 left, 90 right and 180;
NEW: Scroll wheel is used for zooming and panning;
NEW: Save display preview image (with scale bar and graphical annotations);
UPDATED: Scale bar and metadata bar;
UPDATED: Metadata parsing;
UPDATED: Fluoview import;

[1.1.0] by Dmitry
NEW: Dynamic enhancement (only visible areas);
NEW: Smooth zoom (hides pixelation on scales > 1);
NEW: On-the-fly manual enhancemets: Levels, brightness/contrast, negative;
NEW: Improved controls interface;
NEW: Drag and drop support;
UPDATED: Improved scale bar that allows to set scale of interest;
[1.0.0] by Dmitry
NEW: First public release