Multimedia Keyboard plug-in for Griffin AirClick USB

This plug-in gives Griffin AirClick USB RF remote control ability to control any application that supports Multimedia Keyboards by simulating multimedia key or arrow key strokes. With this plug-in you don't have to change current plug-in in order to control several applications, in fact, you might never have to change it again. It can even shutdown your computer when you're done! Additionally it recognizes other multimedia applications that do not support multimedia keys and uses their shortcut keys for control.

Some controllable applications are: Windows Media Center (with menu support), Windows Media Player, Winamp (with my DIMIN hotkey plug-in), VLC (enabling multimedia hotkeys in skin2), Apple iTunes, Microsoft Power Point, Adobe Flash Player in full screen (such as YouTube, Hulu, Amazon on demand video, JW FLV Media Player, etc.) and many others!

Latest version: 1.0.3

This plug-in is based on winamp plug-in by Iain Norman to whom great thanks.


OS File Size Description
» airclick_multimedia_plugin.exe 73.5 KB Windows
» 28.2 KB source code in C#

What's new

[1.0.3] by Dmitry
NEW: Support for Adobe Flash players in full screen. 
Works with: YouTube, Hulu, Amazon on-demand video, JW FLV Media Player, etc. 
It was tested with Adobe Flash 10 with Mozilla Firefox, 
Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

[1.0.2] by Dmitry
NEW: the No-OSD version of the plug-in added.

[1.0.1] by Dmitry
NEW: Additional support for Windows Media Center. 
     Automatically changes channels while in TV mode by pressing prev and next.
NEW: All OSD are disabled while in Windows Media Center.

[1.0.0] by Dmitry
NEW: First release

How to use

1) Normal operational mode will send multimedia keys like play/pause, next, prev, vol up and vol down to which ever application will process them.

2) Holding down Volume buttons will continuously send volume commands. Same for Next and Prev buttons.

3) Holding down Play/Pause button for one second and a half will switch between "Arrow Keyboard" and "Multimedia Keyboard" modes.

4) In "Arrow Keyboard" Play/Pause button is an Enter and other buttons are Arrows.

5) Holding down Play/Pause button for five seconds will shutdown the computer.

Keys Multimedia mode Keyboard mode Hold 1.5 sec Hold 5 sec
Play/Pause Play/Pause Enter Switch modes Shutdown
Next Next (Ch+ in WMCE TV) Arrow up    
Prev Prev (Ch- in WMCE TV) Arrow down    
Vol up Vol up Arrow right    
Vol down Vol down Arrow left    

Platform notes

Windows Media Center has additional function: when user selects "keyboard" mode it will automatically open-up Windows Media Center Menu by simulating context menu click.

Windows Vista: "Multimedia Keyboard" plug-in will not be able to send commands to applications with higher privileges. In order to control such applications run AirClick "As Administrator".