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00_unknown_rio.jpg 01_st_tropez.jpg 02_buenos_aires.jpg 03_imprisoned_in_rio.jpg 24_serra_mar.jpg
05_amazon_reflections.jpg 06_floripa.jpg 07_schooners.jpg 08_interaction.jpg 09_ne_brazil.jpg
10_zion2.jpg 11_andorra.jpg 12_down_andorra.jpg 13_arizona.jpg 14_way_brazil.jpg
15_zion.jpg 16_yosemite_valley.jpg 17_creek.jpg 18_half_dome_top.jpg 19_yosemite.jpg
20_city7th.jpg 21_tropical_rain.jpg 22_new_year_rio.jpg 23_amazon_river.jpg
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All photographs were taken using unfortunately most simple cameras, some ordinary and some digital. Some of the shots were digitally processed to create most desired look, some of them were not. All panoramas were digitally assembled using my proprietary software and pre-processing filters.

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