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Dmitry Fedorov


Master's degree in Applied Computing with major in Image Processing. My current research field is Image Registration and Mosaicking, you may try out your own images using registration web demo.

I was born. Well if you want to hear the rest, I'll be glad to send you my Curriculum Vitae in HTML or PDF by e-mail. If you're interested in software development, image processing or anything of my interest feel free to contact me.

Off the records, I like working with computer programming but never forget non virtual life thus I adore traveling and do it much, play tennis and even try to surf and compose music.

I've recently created a web-site for my grandfather Nikolay Fedorov, who was a painter, the site features lot's of wonderful paintings and I recommend visiting it for art lovers!

Photo galleries:

Old Photo Gallery - Collection of my best shots, prior to 2003.

More photos from my trips and life, prior to 2008.

Latest galleries @ Picasaweb.

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